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Your Are Not Alone

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Hypnosis can help you transform your life when nothing else has worked.

We are here to help heal, support and guid you through every step of the way for you to heal, overcome your habits, be empowered, recharged and awaken to your greatness. 


You deserve FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, AWARENESS and much more...


Our clients have gained a lot more from our sessions than what they came for.

These are just some of our real clients' success stories and results that you too can benefit from our sessions.


The Journey

Welcome to Ascension Hypnosis Center, where you can regain your inner power, recreate yourself, have hope, freedom, and fulfillment. The possibilities are unlimited.

Thank you for who you are, all you’ve been and for choosing the journey you are on. Every one of us is on our path for a reason and it could be much greater than we realize.

Along the way, we might encounter some challenges such as inner pain and suffering, depression, anxiety and stress,  feeling stuck, disempowered and fearful, avoiding issues, using coping strategies such as self-medicating with food, alcohol or drugs etc. or feeling out of control 

Why are we experiencing pain and suffering?

One explanation might be that they are there for a reason. It is to experience, to learn, to grow and to discover what is missing in ways that would make a difference. It’s for us to explore the meaning behind the life we live. Our awakening journey begins when we become curious and start seeking by asking questions such as: Why am I here? Why am I going through this? 

From that place of inquiry and curiosity we can spark a burning desire for change.

And here you are. 

You are whole and complete.

Wherever you are is perfect. 

You have free will and the power to create a life you love.

Your transformation can start now, with an awareness of yourself, where you are, what you are dealing with and where you want to go from here. 

Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals.


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Schedule a visit for a 45-MIN Consultation at our  office in Edmonds.  We have created a safe space that supports and encourages your personal growth.  We are here to answer any questions you might have about hypnosis or hypnotherapy. 


Why Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

 When faced with life’s inevitable challenges, how do we respond?  At times, we seek help from different  life skills we’ve acquired, or past referential experiences.

While these approaches work with some aspects of life, we may feel the need for another path.  Hypnosis very often provides what we are seeking.

Why is hypnosis one of the fastest-growing fields of human progress?  Why do many of the most successful business professionals and Olympic athletes use hypnosis to enhance their performances?  The answer to these questions lies in the data showing that hypnotherapy has helped people who are frustrated because nothing else has worked for them.  Through hypnosis, people achieve their goals by breaking out of old patterns and acquiring emotional balance.  Through hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and the self-hypnosis we teach, you can succeed in making important changes in your life, such as  overcoming old issues, or growing to a new level of personal achievement.  

When concerns are of a medical of psychological nature, we can contact your doctor or provider to insure that hypnotherapy is appropriate for your situation.  Pain management and stress-related illnesses are only two of the medical applications of hypnotherapy.

If you are exploring options for personal freedom and growth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us.  We are here to help!


Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

"What I really like about the Ascension Hypnosis Center's program was learning to use self-hypnosis and how to relax. I am sleeping better, feel more energized and discovering what I want to do. I've let go of the past emotions and feel free to be in the present."



Loan Originator

Shifting Perception and Change Way of Being

Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

"I appreciate the chance to see what in my past wa affecting my current state and what I need to do to change my thoughts and perspective for the future to be successful in reaching my goals. The unfolding technique I think will be an extremely helpful tool to accomplish my goals. The whole process of learning meditation, affirmation and way of being is another helpful tool in my path towards becoming who I'm meant to be and how to reach my goals. I have learned a lot of positive ways to talk to myself, encourage myself and not let the words of others or my past affect my present and future. I am leaving in a much more positive and better thought process and attitude about getting what I want than when I came in!"

Thank you Lindsey!!