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In order to help you learn more about how you'll benefit from our hypnosis sessions, we offer a 45 Minute Consultation. During this appointment we will discus in detail about the deep-rooted cause of your issues and what you've been dealing with. You will learn how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals, overcome your issues and create a life you love.

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Happiness, Calm and Confident

"What I got out of my hypnosis sessions with Lindsey is absolutely priceless. She helped me figure out the main issues I was dealing with during the last few years and my whole life. Those issues being me having trouble letting go of things that happened in the past, being stressed out about old issues and new ones constantly, having anger and resentment towards certain individuals and carrying that pain with me, and generally not feeling like my old happy, confident, out-going self.

Once we figured out what my main issues were, Lindsey was able to help me get to the root of those problems and address them one by one. She helped me deal with those issues and confront them in a way that helped me put those issues behind me, and not let them affect me anymore.

The work doesn't end in her sessions though, which is important to remember. Lindsey gave me mantras and positive affirmations specifically pertaining to the issues I was/am dealing with. She also taught me that I could create my own mantras and affirmations depending on the situation I am dealing with. These affirmations and mantras are for me to continue receiving the benefits of hypnosis, and I am extremely grateful to have these on hand from her. Lindsey gives you the tools to find peace and go on living a happy and content life.

I feel like I finally got my life back thanks to the work Lindsey did with me. I feel happy, calm, confident, and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at me. I would definitely go see her in the future if I have any other issues come up in life."


Ethan. R.

- Real Estate Agent

Focused and Centered

"I really appreciate your approach and honesty. This experience has been a home coming and at the same time a rebirth. I am focused and centered and yet expanding. My vision is set."

Thank You!