Relationships and Self Confidence

"I love it!  Before coming to Ascension Hypnosis center, I was going through a lot with getting over my ex girlfriend after a complicated breakup. I was dealing with the effect of it from confidence issues to feeling the lack of control in my life.  Lindsey, the hypnotherapist, was able to guide me through the process of realizing my purpose, self-worth, and what makes me happy and complete with detailing my habits to take actions and hypnosis exercises to change and transform my perspective and mentality. I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to take control of my life.  I am more than happy with my results from the work that I did at Ascension Hypnosis Center". 

 Dr. K. N.

 - Chiropractor

Increased Productiveness

"Since I've done hypnosis with you I've really noticed a new passion for my work relationships. I've noticed my business is booming and I've cleaned up some of the wreckage from my past. I am also able to get really focused and intentional with what I am excited about and have never seen my goals as this achievable before."

 Jason W"

  - Real Estate Agent

Stress-Related Issues

"I feel that self-hypnosis helped me a lot to decreased my stress. I feel more relax and confident. This therapy fulfilled my expectations and I am glad I made this decision to come see you. Thank you.



       - Administrative Assistant 

Create the Future

"I am so thankful to have met you and gone through this journey. You have truly opened my eyes to the power of meditation, and I love it! I leave here feeling like/knowing that I have the power to create my own reality. Thank you for enlightening me and helping to set me free.

                               K. C."

                           - Student

Relaxed and Confident

"Lovely Lindsey, Thank  you so much for making me feel great and positive. I feel a lot more relaxed, confident, calm and happy since I did hypnosis with you. I feel like this is a new beginning of my life so thank you for that!!! :)


  - Service Industry

Shifting Beliefs and Consciousness

"Since working with Lindsey I have definitely felt a shift in my beliefs and consciousness. In just 5 sessions I was able to release the imaginary restrictions that, up until then seemed very real. I always come away feeling lighter, happier and empowered. I enjoyed the process and feel like I've acquired new tools to help me live a more full life with endless potential.


                   - Commercial Producer

Happiness, Calm and Confident

  "What I got out of my hypnosis sessions with Lindsey is absolutely priceless. She helped me figure out the main issues I was dealing with during the last few years and my whole life. Those issues being me having trouble letting go of things that happened in the past, being stressed out about old issues and new ones constantly, having anger and resentment towards certain individuals and carrying that pain with me, and generally not feeling like my old happy, confident, out-going self.

Once we figured out what my main issues were, Lindsey was able to help me get to the root of those problems and address them one by one. She helped me deal with those issues and confront them in a way that helped me put those issues behind me, and not let them affect me anymore.

The work doesn't end in her sessions though, which is important to remember. Lindsey gave me mantras and positive affirmations specifically pertaining to the issues I was/am dealing with. She also taught me that I could create my own mantras and affirmations depending on the situation I am dealing with. These affirmations and mantras are for me to continue receiving the benefits of hypnosis, and I am extremely grateful to have these on hand from her. Lindsey gives you the tools to find peace and go on living a happy and content life.

I feel like I finally got my life back thanks to the work Lindsey did with me. I feel happy, calm, confident, and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at me. I would definitely go see her in the future if I have any other issues come up in life.


Ethan. R."

- Real Estate Agent

Healing, Inner Intuition, Control and Confident

"What I really enjoyed from your hypnotherapy appointments was the safe place to let go of years of pent up emotional baggage and pain where I could cry and release freely and w/o judgement.

    Since your appointments, I've been much more aware of my intuition through the form of emotional cues and I've been able to make decisions that honor my intuition, greatest good, and self-care. Since your appointments I've been able to exercise more control over my personal boundaries. I am able to walk more confidentially in the world.


 L. B"

   -Jewelry Maker

Less Anxiety, More Happiness

"Thanks for everything. I feel better and with less anxiety & more happiness. Don't dread going to work like I used to. Seem more talkative with the people I work with too. Making more friends.


Home Coming, Rebirth, Focused, Center

"Lindsey,  I really like your approach and honesty. This experience has been a home coming and at the same time a rebirth. I am focused and centered and yet expanding. My vision is set. 

Thank you,


Business Owner

Better Sleep, More Energized, Let go of Past Emotions

"What I really like about the Ascension Hypnosis Center's program was learning to use self-hypnosis and how to relax. I am sleeping better, feel more energized and discovering what I want to do. I've let go of the past emotions and feel free to be in the present. 



Loan Originator

Shifting Perception and Change Way of Being

"A appreciate the chance to see what in my past wa affecting my current state and what I need to do to change my thoughts and perspective for the future to be successful in reaching my goals. The unfolding technique I think will be an extremely helpful tool to accomplish my goals. The whole process of learning meditation, affirmation and way of being is another helpful tool in my path towards becoming who I'm meant to be and how to reach my goals. I have learned a lot of positive ways to talk to myself, encourage myself and not let the words of others or my past affect my present and future. I am leaving in a much more positive and better thought process and attitude about getting what I want than when I came in!

Thank you Lindsey!!"

Freedom From Guilt and Resentment

"What I really like about the Ascension Hypnosis Center's program was the happiness and excitement I now have because I have more freedom from the guilt and resentment I had in the past. 

Dale J."

Turn Negative Into Positive, Forgiveness, Life Changing Experience

"Your program came at the right time in my life! I felt lost and unsure of myself but now I see that I have a life of potential with so much happiness ahead of me! I am truly listening to others, feeling moments, turning the negative into positives and forgiving those who have held me back for so long. This had been a life changing experience.

Thank you,



The Path

"When I need to recalibrate, I find myself in your office, watching your hand, a perfect leaf with a single drop of water, a ball of warm descends chakra by chakra. 5 4 3 2 1 I'm calm and centered. This is the path that led to those fascinating physiological effects and deeper levels.

Thank You,


Feel Positive About life

"What I rally like about the Asension Hypnoses Center's program was it truly changed the way I think about things and myself. I feel positive about life and know that I can accomplish my goals. Knowing or feeling like you can do it and actually having the strength to do it are totally different. Knowing VS. being. 

Adam M."